LISA RINNA - Celebrity Apprentice

Soap opera actress Lisa Rinna is best known for her roles on â Days of our Livesâ and â Melrose Placeâ . The big-lipped actress has also carved a name as a sizable famewhore, by pimping herself in any show that âll hire her. Sheâ s co-hosted â Soap Talkâ, competed on â Dancing with the Starsâ, and put her private life on air in â Harry Loves Lisaâ . In 2007, Rinna replaced Joan Rivers as the host of TV Guide Networkâs red carpet coverage. Hopefully for her, she âll follow in Riversâ footsteps and win her season of âCelebrity Apprenticeâ

MARLEE MATLIN - celebrity apprentice 2012

I am liking Marlee Matlin, but not definite how her hearing impairment will play in to her strategy for the game. The 45-year-old actress came in to prominence for her Oscar-winning role in â Children of a Lesser Godâ . Since then, sheâs worked steadily in both films and tv. In 2008, he participated in â Dancing with the Starsâ and completed sixth. He is as well as a proud member of the National Association of the Deaf.

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